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The techniques involved in various processes of artistic expression depend upon the visionary skills of right-brain creativity and can be used to enhance the analytical skills of left-brain activities.

In the Western World of research and development, technology and science have traditionally focused on the capacity of the left-brain for the task of problem solving. Whereas Eastern cultures envision a task then proceed to develop it. Hence, the often debated question arises “Should function follow form or should form follow function?”.

Spontaneous, interactive, hands-one visualisation is one method being used to stimulate the imagination and develop new approaches for scientific discoveries and unique technological innovations.

Creating an environment where the analytical skills of left-brain activities are stimulated by the qualities of right-brain visual creativity is vital to R&D and being on the cutting edge of global competition.


AKA … ‘The Art of Recycling Technology’ … the benefits of participating in Vince's workshop's are both immediate and lasting, regardless of age, life experience or limitations of formal educational experience.

The creative tendencies of the participants are encouraged to engage the concept of; 'Right-Brain-Left Brain Thinking'. Therein the difference between pragmatic reality & fluid imaginings are as two sides of the same coin that present a ‘Hands on Mind On’ adventure where ones’ imagination becomes their creative reality.

Much as Einstein said that; “ Our imaginations are more important than knolledge.” It’s where the artist is a scientist and the scientist is free to be an artist.

Vincent’s technical expertise and artistic creativity have lead him to develop an evolving curriculum of innovative creativity works shops that encourage students to ‘Bridge the Gaps Between Art & Science’.