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Vincent C. J. J÷ - NÚs has developed a series of workshop’s specifically geared to enhance executive problem solving abilities and re-invigorate design innovation, by increasing individual productivity at the same time as conserving corporate resources.

The techniques involved in various processes of artistic expression depend upon the visionary skills of right-brain creativity and can be used to enhance the analytical skills of left-brain activities.

In the Western World of research and development, technology and science have traditionally focused on the capacity of the left-brain for the task of problem solving. Whereas Eastern cultures envision a task then proceed to develop it. Hence, the often debated question arises “Should function follow form or should form follow function?”.

Spontaneous, interactive, hands-on visualisation is one method being used to stimulate the imagination and develop new approaches for scientific discoveries and unique technological innovations.

Creating an environment where the analytical skills of left-brain activities are stimulated by the qualities of right-brain visual creativity is vital to R&D and being on the cutting edge of global competition.


VInce is a positive advocate of recycling. His ability to re-think the function of existing materials is a key component of both his art works and his workshops.

Using art as a means to communicate these principles allows peoples imagination to stimulate more creative thinking and retain information more easily.

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