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Helping young minds connect the dot’s between Art, Science and Technology. Highlighting the possibilities we all have to use obsolete technological objects in new way’s. By stimulating the imagination, and creating an understanding that science can be exiting and fun, just as art can include technical elements.


Please watch our 5 minute video of Vince conducting a Brent Council sponsored workshop for for year nine students of Wembley High School on behalf of ‘’.


For the last twenty five years Vincent J÷ - NÚs has been hosting his Recycling Technology Workshops for School and University students.


VInce is a positive advocate of recycling. His ability to re-think the function of existing materials is a key component of both his art works and his workshops.

Using art as a means to communicate these principles allows peoples imagination to stimulate more creative thinking and retain information more easily.

For more infomation about Vince's workshops please use our contact form or e-mail us @


The Times Educational Supplement

Observer News

US enterprise beams down into Brent

discovers how an American artist’s enthusiasm for creativity and innovation helped Year 9 pupils a Wembley school bridge the gap between art, science and technology.

Vincent J÷ - NÚs holds up a small, pink plastic dish. “What’s this?” he asks, swooping his arm right, it’s a flying saucer! Or, with a piece here, it could be the .”....

Creating ‘Futuristic Artifact’s'

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and an American artist is showing local pupils just how true that saying can be.


Artist Vincent C. J. J÷ - NÚs launched a new Energy Project on Friday with students of Wembley High School to recycle junk.

The 180 students who began work on the ten-week scheme at the...

“Imagination is more

Alert Einstein